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Caveatron PC Software

For downloading and post-processing data files.



Provides for connecting to the Caveatron from a PC via the USB port to view, download, and delete stored files.

Current Version: 1.0
Updated: 2018-09-11



Post-processes the Caveatron LIDAR scan files and survey files to produce a point cloud. It allows the user to review each scan and remove erroneous rangefinder data. The survey data can be reviewed for loop closure and absolute coordinates set for a chosen reference station. The output files are in plain text coordinate format with normal vectors and are compatible with many point cloud viewers. 

Current Version: 1.1
Updated: 2018-11-28

Changes: Supports RPLIDAR and .cvl format revision in Caveatron 1.20 and includes bug fixes.

To install:  Open the zip or dmg file and drag the contents to any location on your hard drive. Note for Windows users, the "Libs" folder must stay in the same directory as the .exe.

© Copyright 2017 Joe Mitchell