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Caveatron Process Application   

• Version 2.1.0

    Updated: 2021-02-12
    Changes: Add Compass cave survey software compatibility, automatic retention of settings, ability to add header to point cloud, various usability
    enhancements, and bug fixes.

• Version 2.0.1

    Updated: 2020-10-29
    2.0 Changes: All new version, completely rewritten from the ground up. Includes algorithms for more accurate processing with the Rev B     Caveatron IMU, more methods for viewing data, ability to adjust several processing parameters, and more ways to view scan info and data.     Backward compatible with Rev A Caveatron data and supports files produced by all Caveatron firmware versions. 64-bit Mac, Windows and Linux     versions.
    2.0.1 Changes: Bug fix for occasional crash while processing scans

    Download for Mac         Download for Windows (64-bit)          Download for Windows (32-bit)            Download for Linux

• Version 1.5

    Updated: 2020-01-01
    Changes: Adds ability to filter LIDAR window corners (from IMU file calibration or dialog) and correct for window distortions (from IMU file). Adds
    compatibility with version 2 of CVL file format used in Caveatron firmware v2. Improves CVL backwards compatibility. Various bug fixes.

    Download for Mac                            Download for Windows

• Version 1.3

    Updated: 2019-02-09
    Changes: Adds supports for Caveatron back-sights including averaging with front-sights and display of excessive back-sight deltas. Adds      handling and correction of single rotation azimuth or inclination errors while scanning.

    Download for Mac                            Download for Windows

• Version 1.2

    Updated: 2018-12-30
    Changes: Processes points with sub-degree rotation angle precision instead of rounding to the nearest degree.

    Download for Mac                            Download for Windows

• Version 1.1

    Updated: 2018-11-28
    Changes: Supports RPLIDAR and .cvl format revision in Caveatron 1.20, added ability to enter custom azimuth corrections, and includes bug fixes.

    Download for Mac                            Download for Windows

• Version 1.0

    Updated: 2018-09-14
    Initial release

    Download for Mac                            Download for Windows

Caveatron Connect Application

• Version 1.0

    Updated: 2018-09-11
    Initial release

    Download for Mac                            Download for Windows

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